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Curt was the son of the legendary Larry "The Axe" Hennig, his best friend since the eighth grade was Richard Rood, a.k.a. "Ravishing" Rick Rude, and he graduted from the same class as John Nord and Barry Darsow - a duo perhaps better known to viewers of wrestling as The Berzerker and Demolition's "Smash".  Being of that pedigree and keeping that kind of company, it was inevitable that Curt Hennig was destined to become one of the best - technically and affectionately - professional wrestlers of any generation.  According to Hennig himself, apparently not.

Curtis Michael Hennig was born on March 28th 1958 in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. The American state was quite a breeding ground for professional wrestlers. Names that hailed from there include Blackjack Lanza, Verne and Greg Gagne, Road Warriors, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, not to mention Curt's father.  Also, one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time - Ric Flair - was a Minnesota resident, attending Verne Gagne's much-fabled wrestling school, before he reloacted to North Carolina.

Curt was a very accomplished athlete during his school years, excelling at many sports. At the University of Minnesota he made it onto the football team where his life was going to change, forever. During his time on the university's football team, Curt sustained an injury to his knee. He had to have surgery done and Hennig decided he needed to regain full fitness as another school was scouting him. Rehabilitation was to take place at Verne Gagne's wrestling camp, in Minnesota. Curt recalled that around 100 people started the course but, by the end, only he and two-time Olympian Brad Rheingans made it through until the very end. After making it through Gagne's camp, Curt knew where his future laid and that was in professional wrestling.

When Curt made his professional wrestling debut in 1979 in the Minnesota-based American Wrestling Association (AWA), he was billed originally billed as "Cool" Curt Hennig.  Over the next few years he built up his reputation - which included spending a short stint in the WWE - and he was quickly recognised as a very promising talent.

Back in the AWA - after spending two years in the WWE and having won the Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles in Portland with his father as well as an individual championship - Curt Hennig became one of the promotions biggest names.  He finally landed a title on January 18th 1986, teaming up with another future WWE Intercontinental champion Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) to defeat "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal for the AWA World Tag Team championship.  The success was not to be isolated.  He was becoming a big enough draw to be given a run at the AWA World Heavyweight crown.  Curt won his first major individual title by defeating Hall of Famer Nick Bockwinkel in May 1987. The win was controversial as it appeared Hennig hit Bockwinkel with an illegal foreign object passed to him by Larry Zbyscko, knocking the World Champion out cold.  There was also controversy over whether or not Curt lost his title in a steel cage match against Greg Gagne.  Nevertheless, Curt was to be champion for 53 weeks until he faced Jerry Lawler in the future king's own backyard of Memphis, Tennessee.


Curt relocated to the North East, believing his career would only gather pace if he moved on from the AWA.  He returned to the WWE, four years after his first tenure came to an end.  At first he used his name Curt Hennig but it was not long before every wrestling fan was simply calling him "Mr. Perfect". Apparently, trying to come up with a persona for Curt, Vince McMahon asked him what kind of an athlete he was at school to which Hennig replied "PERFECT".  A legend was born.

WWE promoted Curt Hennig as being absolutely perfect by airing a string of promos which have gone down in wrestling history.  Nearly two decades after the first vignette was aired, wrestling fans still talk about them with much-fondness.  No doubt they will continue to talk about them for many years to come.  Curt - still referring to himself as Curt Hennig "Mr. Perfect" - was seen playing basketball and sinking a basket from half-court, playing horseshoes and scoring four consecutive ringers, playing golf and holing a 40-foot putt, playing 9-ball pool and potting every ball in sequence and even recording a perfect 300 game in bowling - amongst other things.  When WWE made some more promos in 1993, Mr. Perfect showed Felton Spencer of the Minnesota Timberwolves how to be a perfect basketball player, he proved he was the perfect goaltender when he shutout Minnesota North Stars' Mike Modano and teammates and his real-life friend Wade Boggs looked on in amazement at a perfect hitting display.  However, most wrestling fans' favourite was Minnesota Viking Steve Jordan witnessing Mr. Perfect throw a football nearly the entire length of the field, run after his own pass and catching it in the end zone.  Tight end Jordan thought the throw and catch was unbelieveable but Mr. Perfect quickly corrected him by declaring, "NO, NO, NO.  That was PERFECT!"  Viewers were left in no doubt that they were watching a perfect athlete.

Due to Mr. Perfect's perfect start to his WWE career, he quickly moved up the card on his way to a feud with the then WWE champion, Hulk Hogan. However, the title shot was not forthcoming and so Mr. Perfect decided to take matters into his own hands. He and his manager, "The Genius" (Leaping) Lanny Poffo, destroyed the WWE championship belt which started a feud between the perfect one and Hogan.  Curt claimed that his on-going feud with champion Hulk Hogan was the greatest run of his career.

By this time, Mr. Perfect had already chalked up his first singles victory at a PPV, defeating The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) with his, by then, patented "Perfect-plex" at Wrestle Mania V. Curt says that he got the idea of the "Perfect-plex" while he was in Japan. He saw his father's old tag-team partner, Harley Race, execute a "Fisherman's Suplex". Curt thought if he bridged then he would have a finishing move. The name "Perfect-plex" was given to him by, referee, Jim Korderas.  The perfect one was well respected by his peers and fans and was seen as one of the best ring-workers who had great mat mechanics in an era where bulk and muscle seemed to be the norm. It did not take long before he got a real shot at some gold.

Ultimate Warrior had to drop his Intercontinental strap after defeating WWE Champion Hulk Hogan at Wrestle Mania V's main event.  So an eight-man tournament was set up by the WWE president, Jack Tunney, to determine the next Intercontinental champion.  The eight competitors were: Tito Santana, "The African Dream" Akeem, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Dino Bravo, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, "The Model" Rick Martel and Mr. Perfect.  Snuka was Mr. Perfect's victim in the first round and after receiving a bye into the final, Tito Santana stood in the way of Mr. Perfect gaining his first WWE title.  Tito Santana was an established superstar in the WWE having been successful in both singles and tag team - being one half of Strike Force, with Rick Martel. However, with his newly appointed manager, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Mr. Perfect outsmarted Tito Santana and small packaged him to get the 3-count and the Intercontinental championship on April 23rd 1990.

For the next few months, the perfect one defended his crown and was lined up to face long-term foe Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake at Summer Slam '90.  However, the fight never went ahead when Bruti - real name Ed Leslie - had a horrific freak parasailing accident on Brown Lake, Lutz, Florida.  He suffered a shattered nose, jaw and a collapsed palate. He would not wrestle for many months to come.  With 10 days to go, the WWE chose one of the company's most popular faces at the time, "Texas Tornado" Kerry von Erich, to step in and fight Perfect.  Despite not knowing who his opponent would be until the last moment, Mr. Perfect was immensely confident that he would triumph. However, he controversially lost the strap after von Erich threw Perfect into a steel post and then hit him with a closed fist.  A rematch was on the cards, though, and in November 1990, with "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase keeping a close eye on things, Mr. Perfect won the belt back.

After Bobby Heenan decided to concentrate on being a broadcast journalist in May 1991, Mr. Perfect enlisted the help of "Coach" John Tolos.  Title defences thereafter were perfect but in the run-up to Summer Slam '91, Curt suffered a back injury which put his wrestling career in jeopardy.  During a fight, the turnbuckles were not quite lined up properly and Curt hit them hard.  This caused a disc in his back to bulge and a broken tailbone. His whole left leg went numb and not only was Hennig put onto the injury list, he feared that his wrestling career would be permanently over.  Curt revealed that he even went as far as cutting off most of his hair as he saw no way for Mr. Perfect to return to the ring.  He took two months off to try and rehabilitate his back but by Summer Slam '91 he was still in great agony.  He felt there was no way he could wrestle Bret "The Hitman" Hart and asked Vince McMahon if he could film a backstage segment announcing he was relinquishing the Intercontinental crown.  Vince pleaded with Curt to wrestle Bret Hart, even if it was for a very short period.  Being a man of integrity and someone who always wanted the right thing done for the sake of the business, Curt Hennig decided to put aside his pain and hand Bret Hart the title in the proper tradition - in the ring.  Despite being in immense pain - although Curt claimed he eased the pain slightly with "a couple of beers" - the fight lasted for around 20 minutes and was ended when Bret Hart put Mr. Perfect into his "Sharpshooter".  The fight is still seen as an all-time classic.

After Summer Slam '91, Curt took some more time off to try and fully recover from his back injury.  He eventually returned at Survivor Series '91 but in a slightly different capacity.  Mr. Perfect became the Executive Consultant of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, who had just moved to the WWE, bringing with him his World Heavyweight belt from then rivals WCW.  Ric Flair had been the champion of NWA/WCW many times and when he was lured to the WWE he took the championship belt with him.  He was able to do this because, legally, the belt was his.  WCW eventually bought the belt back off him for a sum believed to be of $70,000.  Mr. Perfect and Flair had a run-in with Hulk Hogan, sabotaging Hogan's title match against Undertaker at Survivor Series '91.  Despite Hogan quickly regaining the title at the "Tuesday in Texas" show, Jack Tunney declared the WWE title vacant with the "Nature Boy" still claiming to be the real World's Heavyweight champion.  The title was up for grabs at Royal Rumble 1990 and, despite entering the battle royal at no.3, Ric Flair claimed the crown when Hulk Hogan - who had already been eliminated - pulled his one-time friend Sid Justice out of the ring.  Flair proved that he truly was a 60-minute man!

The WWE were moving towards a titanic clash between Flair and Hogan at Wrestle Mania VIII but eventually decided against it due to Hogan's Hollywood commitments.  So Ric Flair faced off against former-WWE champion "Macho Man" Randy Savage.  Flair and Perfect resorted to mind games and played on the fact that the "Nature Boy" was a kiss-stealing, wheeling and dealing, limousine-riding, jet-flying son of a gun.  The duo claimed that Macho Man's manager and wife, Elizabeth, had been with Flair before she met Savage. They even went as far as playing answer phone messages that Elizabeth had apparently left for Ric and releasing shocking photos of Ric and Elizabeth enjoying time together.  Later it was revealed that these were faked but they had got into the mind of Macho Man.  In the end, the stunts did not work and Savage beat Flair at Wrestle Mania VIII, although he did have a hand full of trunks to help him.  The feud continued up until Summer Slam '92, which was held at Wembley Stadium in London, UK.  Flair and Perfect once again played the mind games by claiming they would be in the corner of either Savage or his opponent, Ultimate Warrior.  Eventually the duo attacked both men competing in the World title match, revealing they just wanted to do some damage to the eventual champion - who turned out to be Savage.  It worked as Flair won the WWE title back but after he lost it to Bret Hart his relationship with the perfect one took a twist.

As well as being Ric Flair's Executive Consultant, Mr. Perfect had worked as a colour commentator alongside Vince McMahon since ceasing to wrestle.  His wrestling knowledge and wit made him a great addition behind the microphone and in front of the camera.  On an edition of WWE Primetime Wrestling in November 1992, McMahon and Perfect were joined in the studio by Mr. Perfect's former-manager, Bobby Heenan.  Speaking at a press conference from his hometown of Sarasota, Florida, Randy Savage was announcing who his new partner would be at Survivor Series after Ultimate Warrior dropped out.  Savage proclaimed to have found a PERFECT partner and that man was none other than Mr. Perfect.  Back in the studio, the perfect one looked as if he was taken aback.  Unimpressed by Savage's revelation, Heenan decided to step in.  Obviously, Heenan thought Savage's idea to choose Mr. Perfect to be in his corner was an outrageous decision and there was no way Perfect would take him up on the offer.  However, Mr. Perfect seemed keen on the idea and this angered Heenan.  "The Brain" told the perfect one that he took orders from himself and Ric Flair and there was no way he would wrestle at Survivor Series.  This meant nothing to Perfect and he told Heenan that he and Ric Flair had held him back over the last year.  They did not want him to wrestle because he would outshine "Nature Boy".  Enough was enough and Mr. Perfect agreed to partner Savage at Survivor Series.  Bobby Heenan was livid and found himself slapping Perfect in the face.  This was a huge mistake as Perfect grabbed Heenan and threatened him.  "The Brain" pleaded with Mr. Perfect to let him go and said he was sorry but the perfect one was not having any of it and got a pitcher of water and poured the contents over Heenan's head, completely humiliating him.  It was official - Mr. Perfect would be back in the ring.  It later transpired that the Warrior had dropped out of his tag team match with Savage against Ric Flair and Razor Ramon because he had left the WWE for good.  It was decided that Mr. Perfect would turn face to partner Savage, although Curt was initially against the idea because he felt that Perfect was a natural heel.

Mr. Perfect started the Survivor Series match at a lively pace and it seemed like he had never been away from the squared-circle.  However, at one point Perfect looked like he had become disheartened and walked away from his partner but he returned to record a victory via disqualification.  This was the beginning of the end of Ric Flair's reign in the WWE.  The former allies feuded again at the Royal Rumble in January, 1993, when Mr. Perfect eliminated Ric Flair.  It would all culminate in the following night's Monday Night Raw where the two went head-to-head in a "Loser Leaves WWE" match.  The perfect one was triumphant over "Nature Boy" and Flair had to leave the WWE - an absence which lasted nearly a decade.

Although it was felt that Mr. Perfect's reintroduction as a wrestler was going to see him pushed right to the top, things never really took off, again.  He had a feud with Lex Luger which culminated with a great fight at Wrestle Mania IX.  Perfect controversially lost when the referee did not see his foot on the ropes and deemed that Luger had pinned him.  Mr. Perfect was furious but, before he could do anything, Lex Luger hit him with his forearm which had a steel plate implanted inside it.  When Mr. Perfect eventually awoken he went in search of Lex Luger.  When he found him he dished out a severe beating until "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels came to the aide of Luger.  Perfect was soon feuding with Shawn Michaels in the following months and one brawl actually saw them accidently damaging Howard "The Fink" Finkel's car.  The feud was to lead up to Summer Slam '93 where Mr. Perfect would take on H.B.K. for the title Perfect once held, The Intercontinental championship.  Mr. Perfect found the challenge too much with Diesel in Shawn Michaels' corner.  Perfect was thrown out of the ring and, while H.B.K. distracted the referee, Diesel gave Perfect a punishing beating which resulted in him being counted out.

Due to injuries, wrestling became more and more sparse.  Wrestling fans started to know Mr. Perfect more and more as a colour commentator and sometimes he guested as a referee. Most notably he was the official when Lex Luger met Yokozuna at Wrestle Mania X in 1994.  Mr. Perfect still held a grudge against Luger from the previous year and didn't hesitate to disqualify Lex when he laid a hand on the official.  During his time as a colour commentator, Mr. Perfect started a conflict with Hunter Hearst-Helmsley (H.H.H.) by stealing his women from ringside.  Hunter laid down the gauntlet at the feet of Mr. Perfect which Perfect accepted.  The match was set for an edition of Monday Night Raw in October 1996, but, on the night, Hunter damaged Mr. Perfect's knee by pushing a cart into him.  There was no way Perfect could compete.  Mr. Perfect thought Hunter should still fight that night and seeked out Intercontinental champion at the time, "Marvelous" Marc Mero. Mero accepted but Hunter was not keen on the idea.  He said the only way he would fight Mero that night was if he put his title on the line.  Mero duly accepted.  Mr. Perfect watched the fight at ringside.  During the match, the referee got injured and Hunter used the opportunity to grab a steel chair.  Mr. Perfect pulled the chair away from Hunter and looked set to hit him with it. Astonishingly, though, Mr. Perfect struck Mero instead and Hunter Pedigreed the knocked out Intercontinental champion to grab the title away from him.  When Hunter was given the belt it suddenly dawned on everyone that hitting Mero was no accident on Perfect's part and it was just a ploy to make Hunter Hearst-Helmsley the new Intercontinental champion.  A new partnership was in the making until Curt Hennig decided to switch to the WCW brand the following week - a decision, he felt, that made sense financially but creatively he wasn't too happy about.


During the mid-1990s, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) - with Ted Turner's cheque book and Eric Bischoff's creativity - became a credible threat to the WWE.  Many WWE Superstars switched brands whether it was to earn a quick buck or they felt they owed their families a secure future.  Curt Hennig was no different.  He admitted he was in the business for the money and when Turner Broadcasting presented him with a huge cheque he felt it was the right time for a change of scene.  Curt revealed there was no heat between himself and Vince McMahon.  They held a meeting together and shook hands.  Curt really appreciated what the WWE had done for him and he presented everyone who worked for WWE's television facility little award statues, thanking them all.  Also, H.H.H. learnt to forgive him.  Their partnership was meant to be H.H.H.'s first big push in the WWE but, when Curt Hennig departed for WCW, Hunter had to wait just a little bit longer for his time to arrive.

Mr. Perfect was now wrestling as Curt Hennig once more.  In WCW, he initially teamed up with Diamond Dallas Page to take on Randy Savage and Scott Hall - two other WWE Superstars who had made the switch to WCW.  Later, Hennig became one of the "Four Horsemen" - perhaps the most legendary stable in wrestling history - when Arn Anderson had to retire from the ring due to injuries, saying it would be an honour to take Anderson's place.  However, he soon turned on them to be a part of the "New World Order" (NwO) in 1997 at the "Fall Brawl".  It was on that night he won his first WCW title, defeating Steve McMichael for the WCW United States strap.  He held the title for three months until he met his former tag-team partner, Diamond Dallas Page.

An injury to his knee held Curt back for most of 1998 although he did take on (Bill) Goldberg twice for the WCW championship.  The following year, though, he teamed up with another former-Horseman Barry Windham to take the WCW tag team championship.  They were part of "The West Texas Rednecks" (yes, I know Curt is really from Minnesota) along with Kendall Windham and Bobby Duncam Jr.  The West Texas Rednecks' most famous angle, perhaps, was against the rapper "Master P".  It was intended for the fans to take to Master P as the face and Curt to be the heel.  However, it did not quite work out that way.  During a Master P fight, Curt - who was co-commentating at the time - declared "Rap is Crap!"  Little did Curt Hennig realise what a phenomenon he had just created.  "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, who had co-written many entrance theme tunes for wrestlers, wrote a song called "I Hate Rap" (Rap is Crap).  Curt added his little bit to it and felt the song was so bad that it was good.  Soon Curt and the other West Texas Rednecks were among the most popular groups in WCW and the song was getting airtime on country radio stations across the US and big crowds would turn out to see the West Texas Rednecks perform it on stage.

Knee injuries held Curt back in the ring, once again, though, and he found himself mainly in a non-wrestling capacity throughout 1999.  Things did not really improve the following year and the company decided to release Curt.  Hennig admitted that his time in WCW was a success financially but on the production-side things never really progressed at all.  Ideas were not really taken aboard by the creative team and he felt he just had to turn up to work and put a brave smile on his face.


After his departure from WCW, it looked as if Curt Hennig would be confined to the independant wrestling circuit by the age of 42 but, to our delight, there was to be one last hurrah.  During Curt 's time on the independant circuit - where he won a handful of titles - he began to refocus on life and started eating the right foods, lifting weights and spend some good quality time with his family.  Within the next 18 months, Curt claimed that he found himself in the shape of his life which could allow him to compete with anyone in the wrestling business.

WCW was bought out by WWE in March 2001 and former stars of the brand were introduced onto the WWE roster.  At the 2002 Royal Rumble, in January, Curt Hennig was brought back as Mr. Perfect. Mr Perfect held his own and nearly equalled his best Rumble finish by being the penultimate wrestler to be eliminated.  Mr. Perfect found himself presenting the "No Way Out" PPV in February, perfectly, of course but, in the ring, he appeared to remain mid-card. His highlight, perhaps, was Perfect-plexing the "Big Show" - something he had done to Paul Wight during their WCW days.  Things didn't really move on and an incident on the flight back from the "Insurrextion" show in London probably cost Mr. Perfect his WWE contract.  Curt was known as someone who liked a good laugh and he used to rib everyone. This included one of WWEs rising stars Brock Lesnar.  According to some people, the WWE management had already warned Lesnar not to ride with Hennig as he was being a bad influence on him.  On the flight back from London, it is alleged, Hennig was ribbing Lesnar about being a better amateur and shoot wrestler.  The two decided to sort it out physically.  It is thought that this was the final straw for Vince McMahon and the WWE decided to release Curt from the company. Unfortunately, this was going to be the last time we were to see Mr. Perfect.


Curt went back to the independent circuit wrestling, after a stint in NWA-TNA, for the Jimmy Hart-promoted World Wrestling All-Stars.  It was just prior to one of these shows where, sadly, Curt Hennig was to die.  He was in Brandon, Florida, preparing to fight Ian "The Iron Brit" Harrison at The Tampa State Fairgrounds.   On the night of Sunday 9th February, it was said he was suffering from severe gas pains.  He was last seen on the day of the show by referee Micky Jay in his hotel room around 9:30am, that morning.  Micky invited Hennig down to breakfast but Curt declined and remained in bed.  He was supposed to show up at the restaurant at 1:30pm,  for a meeting, but he did not show up.  So, wrestler Davie "The Cuban Assassin" Sierra asked his wife to check on Curt.  There was no answer and a hotel housekeeper found Curt dead, at the age of 44, in his room just after 1:30pm, on Monday 10th February, 2003. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said no foul play was involved.  The Tampa Coroner's office and the Tampa Medical Examiner's office revealed their findings on Curt Hennigs death on Tuesday 26th March, 2003.  They announced that Curt Hennig's death was caused by "acute cocaine intoxication".  Curt Hennig is survived by his mother and father - Irene and Larry - wife, Leonice, who he had been together with since high school, and their four children: Joe, Amy, Kate and Curtis Henry (Hank).

Curt has been sadly missed by the wrestling fraternity as well as his family.  A Mass of Christian Burial was held for Curt at 11am on Monday February 17th, 2003, at the Church of St. Stephen, 5th & Jackson St., Anoka, Minnesota.  Friends and family gathered and the wrestling world was well represented.  The likes of Jesse "The Body" Ventura from yesteryear and Brock Lesnar from more recent times turned up to say goodbye to a much loved man.  Of course, Mr. Perfect's entrance theme "Exodus" could be heard over the speakers as well as the West Texas Rednecks' classic, "I Hate Rap" (Rap is Crap).  There was also a prayer service at the Washburn-McReavy Seman Chapel, 1827 Coon Rapids Blvd., Coon Rapids, Minnesota, held at 6pm the previous day.

In February 2007 the WWE announced that Curt Hennig would become the ninth man to be inducted into its Hall of Fame posthumously.  This was in recognition of over two decades at the top of the wrestling profession, numerous singles and tag-team major titles and an array of classic matches that have gone down in history as some of the greatest of all-time.  Curt's good friend Wade Boggs inducted him into WWE's Hall of Fame - as a member of the Class of 2007 - on Saturday, March 31st, 2007.  His family were on hand to accept the award on his behalf.  A short time afterwards, on Saturday July 14th, Curt was also inducted into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Hall of Fame, situated in Waterloo, Iowa USA.  His father, the legendary Larry "The Axe" Hennig, represented Curt at the ceremony, having been inducted himself as part of the Class of 2006.  Curt's wife, Leonice, was present, too.

It is understood that two of Curt's children - Joe and Amy - are currently pursuing a career in pro-wrestling.  If they are successful in continuing the Hennig family tradition, some might say that would be "Absolutely PERFECT!"




You probably remember Mr. Perfect reminding Sean Mooney that he was the "greatest Intercontinental champion of all-time".  Well, Curt Hennig found the time to win numerous other titles to go along with his two Intercontinental crowns in a much-decorated career.  You can take a look at his title history - which titles he won, when he won them and for how long he held them - by clicking here

Larry "The Axe" and Curt Hennig

Curt Hennig and Scott Hall

Curt Hennig - AWA World champion

Perfect-plex vs Blue Blazer

Mr. Perfect pins Santana to win IC title

Mr. Perfect regains IC title vs Tornado

Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect

Ric Flair reveals the evidence

Mr. Perfect reveals one last surprise

Mr. Perfect humilates The Brain

Loser Leaves WWE match vs Ric Flair

Mr. Perfect brawls with HBK

Mr. Perfect as colour commentator

Mr. Perfect with Hunter Hearst-Helmsley

Curt Hennig at Monday Nitro

Curt Hennig - US champion

Curt Hennig with Barry Windham

Mr. Perfect comes back to the WWE

Mr. Perfect welcomed back at the WWE

Curt Hennig 1958-2003

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Curt Hennig's final resting place

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